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There are all sorts of ways to get rid of pest birds. Some are lethal and not recommended for most situations; others are simply ineffective. Fortunately, bird control experts have come up with some pretty ingenious ways to keep birds from ruining your property and frazzling your nerves. A sampling of the top 5:

Bird Spikes

The granddaddy of pest bird deterrents, Bird Spikes will get rid of larger birds—like pigeons, crows and gulls—from your roof, patio cover and other elevated areas of your property. Bird Spikes won’t harm birds or pets. They simply won’t allow birds to land or perch. The spiked strips come in rigid unbreakable polycarbonate (plastic) or durable stainless steel. Each two-foot long strip can be nailed, glued or screwed to most surfaces. There’s also the Mega Spike, which has large 7-inch spikes for keeping vultures from perching. And Gutter Spikes if you have a problem with birds nesting in your rain gutters.

Bird Slope

Blending in architecturally with your home or business, Bird Slope consists of slippery PVC panels that prevent birds from getting a solid footing under eaves and other elevated 90-degree nooks. Birds may be stubborn critters, but they soon give up after loosing their grip on these panels. The best bird slope panels are UV protected and sun- and weather-resistant to remain attractive and effective for years. Bird Slope is an effective way to get rid of many different types of birds—including swallows, starlings, pigeons, crows and more.

Garden Bird Netting

Working on the principle of denying access, Garden Bird Netting is lightweight and easy to handle. It comes in 14 x 100-foot and 14 x 200-foot rolls and can be cut to the size needed for various applications. Choose the mesh size that gets rid of the birds that cause you grief--1/4", 1/2" or 3/4". Bird netting clips are available to keep the netting conveniently in place. Look for netting made of durable, UV-protected polypropylene. It will last longer.

Copper Stuf-Fit Mesh

Perfect for keeping smaller birds out of all those little crevices, holes and nooks, Copper Stuf-Fit mesh is easily “formed” into the shape needed to get the job done. The mesh comes in 20-foot and 100-foot roles. It’s also rust-proof and stain proof (steel wool will rust, run and stain your property). Copper Stuf-Fit even keeps birds from working their way under roofing tiles, retractable awnings, and where pipes enter your siding or foundation.

BeakGuard Woodpecker Deterrent

Ideal for getting rid of woodpeckers, BeakGuard is easily applied to latex-painted surfaces, wood, fiber-cement, stucco, aluminum or vinyl. The specially designed finish warns woodpeckers that the surface is to be avoided. BeakGuard is harmless to woodpeckers or other birds. It leaves a vapor permeable, flexible membrane that is durable, color fast and resists dirt pick up. BeakGuard goes like paint—with a brush, roller, paint pad or spray equipment.


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If you own a home in the country, you know the problems you can have with unwanted birds, small animals and critters. Scrounging through trash cans and other areas of your property, they can create quite a mess. This in turn can draw other critters. While some property owners resort to lethal means to get rid of pest birds and critters, there are non-lethal means available.  These deterrents are both effective and humane. Here are a few you might consider:

Bird-B-Gone Sonic Shield™

This specially designed pest control device frightens birds and other unwanted critters using sound and light. The Sonic Shield™  is completely self-contained and totally portable since it runs on 4 AA batteries. This means you can set it up almost anywhere you have a pest bird or critter problem. You can run the Sonic Shield™ two ways for complete 24/7 pest deterrence: there’s the daytime mode to repel pests using loud dog (a predator for most birds) and barking dog sounds; and a nighttime mode that repels pests using only flashing LED lights—recommended for areas where night noises are not allowed. The Sonic Shield™ is both safe and humane for birds and critters.

Bird Spikes

Proven effective in installations worldwide, Bird Spikes will keep large birds like crows, gulls and pigeons from perching around your home. The spiked strips are easily installed on fencing, rooflines and chimneys using glue, screws or tie-down straps. Bird spikes come in rigid UV-resistant unbreakable polycarbonate or high strength, durable stainless steel. Plastic (poly) spikes are slightly less expensive and ideal for use on long fences. The best bird spikes are made in the USA and will have a flexible base that conforms to flat or curved fencing.

Transparent Bird Gel

Ideal for use on flat fencing and other extended areas where birds tend to perch, Transparent Bird Gel leaves a sticky surface birds won’t want to set foot on. The best bird gels remain sticky for up to 6 months after being applied. Bird gels have shown their effectiveness in deterring a wide range of pest birds—including  pigeons, sparrows, crows, gulls and starlings. Be sure to clean off nesting materials and droppings before you apply these gels. Birds are naturally attracted to the scent of nests and droppings and will regard the area as non-threatening and habitable.

Bird Chase Super Sonic

Ideally suited for large acreages found around country homes and estates, Bird-B-Gone’s Bird Chase Super Sonic will keep birds from gathering around “problem areas” of your property. This scientifically designed device emits a series of pre-recorded distress and predator calls that birds consider their natural enemy (e.g., falcons and hawks). If your property is being invaded by several bird species, the Bird Chase Super Sonic emits distress and predator calls for 22 different species of birds. So you’re covered for a full range of winged critters.


by Alex A. Kecskes

Pigeons, sparrows, crows, gulls—they can become costly headaches to commercial warehouses. For starters, they create a dangerous distraction to employees operating forklifts and other machinery. And lest we not forget that bird nests, feathers and other debris are ideal kindling for starting fires near electrical equipment, wiring and hot lights.

Then there are the bird droppings, which create a whole slew of problems in warehouses. Not the least of which are slip-and-fall hazards. There’s also the contamination factor--birds can carry any of 60 known diseases. And the cost of damage to products on shelves and in loading docks can be severe. Finally, the acid in bird droppings can eat into packaging, obscure labeling codes and other shipping information. This can create all sorts of problems for inventory control and expediting personnel.

Rather than resorting to poisons or BB guns to clear your warehouse of pest birds, you should consider using non-lethal, humane bird deterrents.

One of the most effective bird deterrent systems on the market is the Automated Avian Fogging System. This advanced hazing system releases a fine fog into the air to deter pest birds from large spaces. It’s been proven highly effective in driving out pigeons, sparrows, crows, gulls, even vultures from warehouses, factories, airline hangers and many outdoor areas.
This powerful bird control tool is the first fogging unit to offer programmable components and a computerized touch screen. It works by dispensing a chemical known as methyl anthranilate--a grape extract proven to be effective in repelling pest birds. The extract irritates birds’ trigeminal nerve and mucous membranes through entry in the eyes, nose or mouth. Birds find the sensation very annoying and will seek the nearest exit the minute they get a healthy whiff of the chemical.

There’s plenty of flexibility in how the system dispenses the fogging chemical. For example, a control unit lets you attach up to 64 fogging “drop” units, and each unit can be controlled individually. An adjustable nozzle system lets you direct the chemical spray to areas where pest birds tend to flock and roost. A unique nozzle design delivers a 5-micron particle size spray, which leaves no chemical residue. What’s more, each drop station covers approximately 6,000 to 8,000 square feet. You can also control the dispensing times, so that the spray units will begin dispensing fog all at once or at alternating intervals. A convenient control panel monitors liquid levels, and notifies you when to refills are necessary.

Another effective pest bird deterrent for use in warehouses is No-Knot Bird netting. This low-profile netting creates a barrier that physically excludes pigeons, sparrows, gulls, starlings and crows. The netting is available in two mesh sizes to deter various size pest birds. For example, there’s a 2-inch mesh for pigeons and crows and 3/4-inch mesh for sparrows and smaller birds. No-Knot Bird Netting comes with a 10-year guarantee. It's fabricated of flame resistant, multi-strand polypropylene fiber and is highly resistant to many chemicals. It’s also ISO 1806 Protocol Mesh tested, and it won't rot, absorb water, or mildew. Another advantage of No-Knot Netting is that it is very light and easy to handle, yet it has a break strength of 50 pounds.

Before using any bird deterrents, be sure to remove bird droppings, feathers and nesting materials. (Birds are attracted to this debris and will regard the venue as “friendly.”) Use commercial disinfecting cleaning agents to prevent exposure to any of the 60 known airborne diseases caused by birds. You should also use eye and respiratory protection if the area is heavily contaminated with bird droppings.